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 Historic Whaling Station - Australian Wildlife - Botanic Garden

From viewing the skeleton of a whale to being able to walk on an original whale catcher the Historic Whaling Station is a  place steeped in whaling history. The   site was formerly the Cheynes Beach Whaling Station which has been lovingly restored to teach us about its past.

Make sure you allow plenty of time to go on the guided tour and spend time in the old whale oil tanks that have been converted to a cinema to watch the 4 informative films. Plenty to explore for all the members of the family.

You can pack a picnic lunch or visit the Whalers Galley Café to fill up before tackling the Botanic Gardens and Wildlife Centre.


Open from 9 am, 7 days a week, including all public holidays.
Australian Wildlife & Botanic Gardens close at 4pm daily.
The Historic Whaling Station closes at 5pm daily.
The only day Discovery Bay is closed is Christmas Day, 25th December.

Phone (08) 9844 4021

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HIstoric Whaling Station is situated on the Flinders Peninsula in the Torndirrup National Park on the site of the former Cheynes Beach Whaling Company - the last fully-operational whaling station in Australia. The Cheynes Beach Whaling Company began operating from Frenchman Bay in 1952. Initially the station was granted a quota of 50 humpback whales per season, but at its peak, the company processed between 900 and 1,100 sperm and humpbacks each year.

In 1963 humpback whaling was banned, severely decreasing the station’s catch. Due to these dwindling stocks and increased fuel costs the station struggled commercially for several years, before environmental lobbying finally brought an end to the business in 1978. The last whale to be processed at Cheynes Beach was a female sperm, killed on November 20, 1978. That final season's catch was 698 sperm whales - 15 short of the station’s quota set by the International Whaling Commission.

Whale World was opened on December 26, 1980 and with the aid of grants and private sector donations has been transformed from a derelict whaling station into one the region’s premier heritage tourist destinations. HIstoric Whaling Station is a unique attraction, taking visitors on an authentic and interactive journey through the last whaling station to operate in Australia, supported by a series of audio visual displays, artefacts and whaling history.

The attraction boasts a number of exhibits, including three whale-oil storage tanks which have been converted into video presentation theatres and the Giants of the Seas gallery, which features skeletons of a 22m pygmy blue whale, an adult humpback, a 2.7m common dolphin and the last sperm whale taken in 1978.

Allow yourself at least three hours to explore this experience.

Australian Wildlife is now part of the Discovery Bar Tourism Experience. Come and explore our amazing Australian native animals up close in our animal enclosures. Koalas, Southern Hairy Nose Wombats, Brush Tail Possums, Grey Headed Flying Fox and Southern Brown Bandicoots and these are just the start.

Botanic Garden can now be viewed through the walkways and paths allowing visitors to explore these diverse gardens. Discovery Bay continue to propogate and plant many new specieis. They have over 130 endemic plant species poulated in one square kilometre. Plants are flowering all year round but the majority of flowering occurs in the latter half of the year.

Allow yourself about an hour to explore these new experiences.

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