Desert Mounted Corps Memorial, Mt Clarence

Desert Mounted Corps Memorial Albany WA

Sitting atop of Mount Clarence is a very special memorial to our fallen soldiers. If you are able to manage the steps, park in the lower carpark and walk the series of steps up to the memorial. It gives you time on the uphill walk for reflection on what those brave soldiers sacrificed for us all. For those that can’t manage the steps you can drive up to the memorial and park close by so as not to miss out on the experience.

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Princess Royal Fortress, Forts Road (off Marine Drive), Mt Adelaide

Princess Royal Fortress or the “Old Forts” are now part of the Albany Heritage Park. Princess Royal Fortress was opened in 1893 as the first federal defence post of Australia.
The Old Forts are home to many interesting military memorabilia including artillery shelters, bunkers, guns, torpedos and more.
Princess Royal Fortress was built to house 2  Mk VI six inch guns dug into the side of Mount Adelaide. Plantagenet Fortress that was built at the same time housed just one gun and sits much lower down the hill.
Between 1893 and 1956 these guns were on duty in the defence of Australia but never fired a shot in anger.


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