William Bay National Park

William Bay National ParkWindswept rocky shores and sheltered pools have helped make William Bay National Park famous, it protects the coastline and forest between Walpole and Denmark on the south coast.
Located close to Denmark, Green's Pool in William Bay National Park is well-known for its turquoise water and pristine white sandy beaches, edged by granite boulders.
This area is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, relaxing or exploring the granite rocks. Enjoy the views of the tranquil bay and take a quiet walk around to Madfish Bay or Waterfall Beach.
Nearest town: Denmark
Park fee: Free
Where is it? 15km west of Denmark.
Travelling time: 20 minutes from Denmark, 1 hour from Albany, 1 hour from Walpole.
Best season to visit: Late spring to early autumn.
What to see and do: Sightseeing, photography, swimming, marine study, bushwalking. Granite boulders and rocky shelves extend for more than 100m out to sea along the coast between Greens Pool and Madfish Bay. Sheltered pools, channels and granite terraces inside this reef create a fascinating seascape for beachcombing.
Facilities: Toilets, bench seats, natural sea pool ideal for family swimming.
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