Waychinicup National Park

WaychinnicupWaychinicup National Park covers 5,310ha and is a vital safety haven for many threatened animal species.
The park encompasses the lower reaches and estuary of the Waychinicup River and a line of granite outcrops extending east to Cheynes Beach, In places, deeply incised gullys run down to the sea from bare rock exposures and boulder-strewn hilltops.
Park fee: Free
Where is it?: 65km east of Albany.
Travelling time: 45 minutes from Albany. Entry road can be hazardous or closed after bad weather.
Best season for visiting: Sping to autumn.
What to see and do: Sightseeing, nature study, swimming, bushwalking, rock climbing, fishing and family recreation, unspoilt inlet, Waychinicup River inlet.
Facilities: Small bush camping area, bush toilet. Please Note: No drinking water is available within the park.
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