Walpole Wilderness

Walpole Wilderness
The Walpole Wilderness was established in 2004 and encompasses a group of conservation reserves covering 363,333 ha (897,820 acres). The area includes vast tracts of jarrah, tingle and karri forests surrounding granite peaks, rivers, heathlands and wetlands. Coastal features include inlets and sandy beaches, sheer cliffs and the Southern Ocean.

The area, together with the Shannon and D'Entrecasteaux National Parks, provides a contiguous conservation reserve system which stretches from Augusta in the west, to Denmark in the east.

The Walpole Wilderness incorporates:

•    Walpole-Nornalup National Park
•    Mt Frankland National Park
•    William Bay National Park
•    Mt Frankland North National Park
•    Mt Frankland South National Park
•    Mt Roe National Park
•    Mt Lindesay National Park
•    Quarram Nature Reserve
•    Owingup Nature Reserve
•    Mehniup Nature Reserve
•    Mt Shadforth Nature Reserve
•    Boynaminup National Park
•    Kordabup Nature Reserve

The idea of a 'Walpole Wilderness' was developed in 1998 on behalf of the South Coast Environment Group. During the height of the old growth logging debate, the Walpole Wilderness proposal sought to realise the region's potential for nature conservation by proposing the creation of a regional wilderness park which expanded and linked existing parks and reserves into a single integrated conservation reserve.
The Walpole Wilderness Area protects numerous plant and animals species including:

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