Torndirrup National Park

Natural Bridge Torndirrup National ParkTorndirrup National Park occupies the rugged southern coastline of the Torndirrup and Flinders peninsulas, where limestone cliffs, granite headlands and white sandy beaches bear the full force of the powerful Southern Ocean. At Torndirrup, the ocean has created amazing formations in the granite including tourist attractions, the Natural Bridge and The Gap. The Blowholes, a crackline in the granite, make an impressve sound when air and sea spray is forced through them. The park's windswept coastal heaths give way to massive granite outcrops, sheer cliffs and steep sandy slopes and dunes.

Located 10 kms south of Albany and covering 3,906 hectares this national park is one of the most visited in Western Australia.



Location: Out Frenchmans Bay Road, on the other side of Princess Royal Harbour, Albany. Sealed roads lead to all  the park's major features.
Distance from Town Centre: 12km or approx 20 minutes from Albany.
Entry: Free
Facilities: None within the park. However there are barbecues, tables, & toilets nearby at Frenchmans Bay. The park is also home to Discovery Bay formely known as Whale World.

The area was one of the first in the State to be gazetted as a national park, in 1918, though it was not named until 1969 and acquired its first resident ranger in 1973. Torndirrup was the name of the Aboriginal clan that lived on the peninsula and to the west of what is now Albany.

Things to do - Bushwalking, sightseeing, photography, rock climbing, Camping, Diving, Fishing, Rock-climbing, two-wheel-drive & four-wheel-drive Tracks. Whales are frequently seen from the cliffs, particularly during winter. The Bibbulmun Track also runs through the park.


  • THE GAP/NATURAL BRIDGE -- Easy 300 m return, 15 minute stroll to spectacular lookouts.  
  • THE BLOWHOLES -- Medium 1.5 km, 40 minute walk to a crackline in the granite which 'blows' air and occasionally spray.  
  • JIMMY NEWHILLS -- Easy 100 m, 6 minute return walk to a lookout over this 'secret' haven.  
  • STONY HILL HERITAGE TRAIL -- Medium 500 m, 15 minute circuit to lookouts over the highest point in the park with magnificent 360º views.  
  • SALMON HOLES -- Easy 300 metre, 20 minute walk to lookout or steep steps down to the beach.  
  • BALD HEAD -- Hard 10 km return, 6-8 hour bushwalk over Isthmus Hill and Limestone Head, finishing at Bald Head, the eastern extremity of the park.

Important safety information:  The coastline has a notorious record for accidents and deaths due to people not respecting mother nature and slipping or being washed into the ocean by unexpected freak waves, wind gusts or extra large swells. Please exercise extreme caution and don’t risk being the next victim. If you are going fishing, please wear a personal flotation device or life vest. Rock fishing is extremely dangerous on this coastline and is definitely NOT recommended.

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