Returning Troops 1919

West Australian, June 3, 1919

Returning Troops - a batch from Albany.
The military authorities advise that troops ex SS Commonwealth, landed at Albany will arrive by special train at Fremantle railway station at 6.20am tomorrow (Wednesday).

Transport Movements

The Naval Department notifies the following transport movements: troops ex the Commonwealth will be released from quarantine at Albany today unless unforseen developments occur.

Karagola due Fremantle at 2pm tomorrow - present advices indicate clean ship. If confirmed on arrival will disembark troops at E shed about 5.30pm.
Leicestershire, due Fremantle June 8.
Kaisar I-Hind. due Fremantle on June 8.
Orari due Fremantle about June 12.
Devenha, due Fremantle about June 14.
Alexandra Woermann, due Fremantle about June 15.
Runic, does not call at Western Australia - due Adelaide on June 7.
Karoola, due Fremantle about June 16.
Soudan, due Fremantle about June 17.
Roonah, does not call at Western Australia - due Melbourne June 7.

Senator Pearce's Anticipations

Melbourne, June 2:  In reply to requests for as exact a statement as possible of the progress of the work of returning Australian soldiers from abroad, the Minister for Defence (Senator Pearce) has cabled to the Acting Prime Minister (Mr Watt) stating that should the ships continue to be made available as now, he anticipated that all the members of the Australian Imperial Force will have embarked from England by the end of July.

This does not include the depot and the administrative staffs, who will be required to clear up their work after the other units have sailed for Australia. It is thought  the work of the depot and administrative staff will be finished sometime in September, when they will travel for Australia.