Recruiting - The Mayor Speaks Out 1916

The Daily News (Perth), May 1, 1916

The newly appointed recruiting sergeant for Albany, Sergeant Riordan, addressed a public meeting from the Rotunda on Friday night in connection with the recruiting campaign. In opening, he said it was strange that, no public man was present to introduce him and he therefore had to perform that ceremony himself.

The Mayor, Mr E. G. McKenzie happened along and from the Rotunda, explained why no public men were taking part, the facts being that the local recruiting committee, which was composed of representatives of the Albany Town Council, Albany Chamber of Commerce and ALF had taken a stand in connection with the dismissal of recruiting Sergeant Brodribb.

Several letters had been written in connection with the matter, but the authorities in Perth had not seen fit to reply. To his mind, Brobrlbb - who had performed yeoman service at the front, receiving seven machinegun bullet wounds and who during his occupancy of the position of recruiting sergeant had put through 108 men for camp – was being 'ragged' for something he did not know or do and was being made the scapegoat for others.

The recruiting was hung up for three weeks and the local committee decided at a meeting last week that until they received a reply to their latter they would not take any action. Brodribb may have been a little over zealous, but surely that was not criminal.