Arrival of Troops 1919

The Daily News, Perth, Saturday, April 12, 1919

The West Australian soldiers returning from the front, who were landed at the Quarantine Station from the transport ship Anchises on Monday, were released today in three batches and despatched to Perth by special trains.

The launch arrived at the jetty at 12.40 and the men were marched to the railway station and put into carriages and left for the city at 1 o'clock. Crowds of relatives and residents thronged the station yard to give the heroes a hearty welcome, but unfortunately they were not allowed on the station until a few minutes before the train pulled out, and several parents were unable to locate their sons in the crush.

In future it is hoped that the authorities will make better provision for parents and relatives. The local Red Cross ladies, being prevented from entertaining the boys, prepared a good supply of delicacies and sent them to the train for use of the lads on the train journey. The remainder of the men were landed during the afternoon and treated similarly.