Arrival of Troops 1914

The Daily News (Perth) Arrival of Troops
August 8, 1914

By the train which arrived from Perth today came a contingent of troops, including 'A' Company of the 6th Regiment of Infantry, Naval Cadets and RAA.  

They assembled at the station and immediately proceeded to the forts. Excitement still runs high and every late report of the proceedings in connection with the war is eagerly sought. When the news was made known this afternoon that the motherland had accepted the offer of the Commonwealth to supply 20,000 troops the greatest enthusiasm prevailed and numbers of young upstanding men, all anxious to render aid to the British Empire, were rushing about eager to, enlist.

The mobilisation of the local forces was complete yesterday, all the men being now quartered at the forts. Yesterday considerable, excitement prevailed when a rumour gained currency that the price of foodstuffs had gone up, but upon inquiries it was found that the retail prices had not altered, only in the case of big quantities, the reason for  this being to preserve the supplies. True, kerosene made a jump, but today it suddenly dropped by 2s a tin.

Owing to the mobilisation of the local forces, the team which was to journey to Katanning tonight to play a match against the local team could not travel and the match was in consequence postponed.