Returning Troops 1919

West Australian, June 3, 1919

Returning Troops - a batch from Albany.
The military authorities advise that troops ex SS Commonwealth, landed at Albany will arrive by special train at Fremantle railway station at 6.20am tomorrow (Wednesday).

Transport Movements

The Naval Department notifies the following transport movements: troops ex the Commonwealth will be released from quarantine at Albany today unless unforseen developments occur.

Karagola due Fremantle at 2pm tomorrow - present advices indicate clean ship. If confirmed on arrival will disembark troops at E shed about 5.30pm.
Leicestershire, due Fremantle June 8.
Kaisar I-Hind. due Fremantle on June 8.
Orari due Fremantle about June 12.
Devenha, due Fremantle about June 14.
Alexandra Woermann, due Fremantle about June 15.
Runic, does not call at Western Australia - due Adelaide on June 7.
Karoola, due Fremantle about June 16.
Soudan, due Fremantle about June 17.
Roonah, does not call at Western Australia - due Melbourne June 7.

Senator Pearce's Anticipations

Melbourne, June 2:  In reply to requests for as exact a statement as possible of the progress of the work of returning Australian soldiers from abroad, the Minister for Defence (Senator Pearce) has cabled to the Acting Prime Minister (Mr Watt) stating that should the ships continue to be made available as now, he anticipated that all the members of the Australian Imperial Force will have embarked from England by the end of July.

This does not include the depot and the administrative staffs, who will be required to clear up their work after the other units have sailed for Australia. It is thought  the work of the depot and administrative staff will be finished sometime in September, when they will travel for Australia.

The Anchises Troops Landed At Albany 1919

The West Australian, April 8, 1919

Returning Soldiers
The Anchises Troops Landed At Albany.
April 7: The troopship Anchises arrived from the United Kingdom at noon today and landed 17 officers, 741 of other ranks and four naval ratings. No care of illness had occurred on board for some wees, and the ship to all intents and purposes was clean, but the troops were sent to the quarantine station for three days for precautionary treatment, preparatory to entraining for Perth.
The disembarkation was effected in less than four hours by means of a lighter, which made four trips and was towed between the ship and the shore by a harbour launch.

Movements of transports.

The following movements of transports conveying troops to Australia are notified by the military authorities:
The Anchises arrived at Albany yesterday and will be quarantined for at least seven days.
The Ulimaroa is due at Fremantle at day light this morning and will probably be quarantined. The Derbyshire will be due at Albany at 6 o'clock this morning and will probably be quarantined.
The Euripides will be due at Fremantle on Thursday and will go into quarantine.
The Nervassa is due to arrive on April 11 but her port of call is not yet known.

 London, April 7. The transport Armagh (9,220 tons) has sailed from Plymouth for Australia with about 1,500 Australian soldiers.

Comfort for Troops 1919

The Daily News, May 12, 1919

Two vessels carrying returned wounded soldiers to Australia, including a number for this State, arrived at Albany on Wednesday. The Orient Company's steamer City of Poonah arrived and being in quarantine, the soldiers for Western Australia were landed for at least three days at the quarantine station, while the men from the P&O Company’s Dongola were also landed in quarantine.

Immediately on arrival, Mr W. G. Rawnsley, acting on behalf of the Red Cross Society, sent over to the men at the quarantine station, 2,000 packets of cigarettes, 51b of tobacco, 12 dozen toothbrushes, six dozen toothpastes, one gross toilet soap and a quantity of fruit.

In addition, a box of drugs, one drum methylated spirits, 125 cases fresh fruit, five parcels reading matter, 3,000 packets cigarettes, 12lb. tobacco, five cases condensed milk, one case malted milk, 1cwt. biscuits,1/2cwt currants,1/2cwt sweets, and 1/2cwt prunes were sent on board the Dongola, while to the City of Poonah, 214 cases fresh fruit, four parcels reading matter, five tins biscuits, 2,000 packets cigarettes, six dozen toothpaste, 61 shirts, two cases chocolate, four cases soap, five cases tinned fruit, 15 dozen tins cocoa, four cases tinned fish 18 gross matches and one box of sundries from the Trench Comforts, Perth.

Arrival of Troops 1919

The Daily News, Perth, Saturday, April 12, 1919

The West Australian soldiers returning from the front, who were landed at the Quarantine Station from the transport ship Anchises on Monday, were released today in three batches and despatched to Perth by special trains.

The launch arrived at the jetty at 12.40 and the men were marched to the railway station and put into carriages and left for the city at 1 o'clock. Crowds of relatives and residents thronged the station yard to give the heroes a hearty welcome, but unfortunately they were not allowed on the station until a few minutes before the train pulled out, and several parents were unable to locate their sons in the crush.

In future it is hoped that the authorities will make better provision for parents and relatives. The local Red Cross ladies, being prevented from entertaining the boys, prepared a good supply of delicacies and sent them to the train for use of the lads on the train journey. The remainder of the men were landed during the afternoon and treated similarly.

Recruiting - The Mayor Speaks Out 1916

The Daily News (Perth), May 1, 1916

The newly appointed recruiting sergeant for Albany, Sergeant Riordan, addressed a public meeting from the Rotunda on Friday night in connection with the recruiting campaign. In opening, he said it was strange that, no public man was present to introduce him and he therefore had to perform that ceremony himself.

The Mayor, Mr E. G. McKenzie happened along and from the Rotunda, explained why no public men were taking part, the facts being that the local recruiting committee, which was composed of representatives of the Albany Town Council, Albany Chamber of Commerce and ALF had taken a stand in connection with the dismissal of recruiting Sergeant Brodribb.

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