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Whether you want to take the boat out or just cast a line in from the land we can help you find out where to fish in Albany WA with this great little map and guide.......







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NOTE : Fish are seasonal in some area's

Boat Fishing in King George Sound

1. King George Whiting caught regularly on the 10mt bank. Great spot to anchor in a S/E wind.

2. Belchers reef.  On the right days, this spot can produce spectacular catches that would surprise anyone.  Easy to find on the local chart.

3. Pink snapper bank.  This spot is known to produce heaps of small pink snapper.  Check your size limits and have a great day when you find the best spot.

4. Coral ground that will produce Harlequin, Breaksea cod and a heap of variety. A great day's fishing for the kids.

5. Coral banks that continue from spot No. 4 with a fish finder you will  pick up numerous spots that will surprise even the best of anglers.

6. Michaelmas Reef. If you can pin point some of the spots in this area from your chart you will be pleasantly surprised with a great catch. Check the weather before you go.

7. A guaranteed great day for everyone. Spectacular views of the island with jettys and an abundance of wild life such as seals and birds. Check around on your sounder when you are about three quarters of the way up the island. Keep about 100mtrs off the rocks to find this great reef. Trawling this area while taking in the views is just about a guarantee of catching a good Bonito, King fish or Tuna.

8. A great spot that can also be pin pointed by using your GPS and chart. Has been known to produce large Groper and heaps of sweep, also good for large King George and Sand Whiting.

9. King George, Sand whiting and Squid are common in this area. Becareful of Skippy reef and check your bait regularly because of the leather jackets.

10. Squid galore when drifting. Also is a great spot to anchor up against the rocks for a secluded swim or snorkel.  The limestone face of the coast is spectacular.

11. Salmon holes. This definately not for the boat goer, but for off shore anglers is a great day.

12. Oyster harbour. A great fish for the inshore angler with surprising results close to home. Great for small children, make sure you check your size limits before you go.

13. Princess royal harbour. Another variety spot with great catches of blue manor crabs and cobbler. Also great for the kids.

14. Gull rock. On the north side can be very productive on the right days. Will produce herring & mackerel on the surface and King George whiting and flat head on the bottom.

Boat Fishing in Princess Royal Harbour

Boat ramps located at Princess Royal Sailing Club and Town Jetty.  Fish caught are: Herring, skippy, garfish, whiting, squid and the odd salmon, mulloway and flathead.

Boat Fishing in Oyster Harbour

6 km from Albany. Fish caught are: Herring, skippy, whiting, squid, flathead and rock species.

Jetty Fishing at Emu Point

Fish caught are : Skippy, herring, whiting, silverbream, flathead and squid.

Jetty Fishing at Princess Royal Harbour

Jetties located in town. Fish caught are: Herring, skippy, garfish, whiting, squid and the odd salmon, mulloway and flathead.

Beach & Rock Fishing at Sand Patch (Windfarm)

Approx. 10km from Albany follow Frenchman Bay Rd, Princess Ave, Sandpatch Rd. Fish caught are: Skippy, herring, silverbream and salmon being the main species.  Also a few tailor, mulloway, shark and sampson fish.

Beach & Rock Fishing at Cable Beach (The Gap)

Approx. 16 km from Albany, follow Frenchman Bay Rd, The Gap Rd. Fish caught are: Herring, skippy, whiting and salmon, shark, groper, queenie and sampson fish.

Beach & Rock Fishing at Jimmy Newells Harbour

Approx 19 km from Albany - Frenchman Bay Road. (Next road to the right of The Gap). Fish caught are: Skippy, herring, whiting and rock species.

Beach & Rock Fishing at Salmon Holes & Misery Beach

Approx 20 kms from Albany - Frenchman Bay Road, Salmon Holes Road. (Road before Whaleworld). Fish caught are:  Skippy, herring, whiting, silverbream and the odd salmon, shark and sampson fish.

Beach & Rock Fishing at Frenchman's Bay area

Approx 21 kms from Albany - End of Frenchman Bay Road NOTE:  Boat launching ramp on beach. Fish caught are: Rock species, herring, skippy, whiting, squid, garfish and pike and silverbream.

Beach & Rock Fishing at Goode Beach 

Approx 23 km from Albany (2.5cm left of Whaleworld on map above). Fish caught are: Herring, skippy, whiting, garfish, rock species, squid, pike and silver bream.

Beach & Rock Fishing at Fisheries Beach 

Approx 20 km from Albany on Quaranup Road (Road leading to Cheynes III on map above). Fish caught are: Skippy, herring, whiting, rock species, garfish and squid.

Beach & Rock Fishing at Middleton Beach

3 km from town. Fish caught are: Whiting, herring, skippy, flsathead and the odd silverbream, shark and salmon trout.

River Fishing at King River

King River 11km to bridge. Fish caught are: mainly blackbream and the odd herring and skippy.

River Fishing at Kalgan River

Approx 16 km from town to lower bridge. Fish caught are: mainly blackbream and a few skippy, herring, mulloway and whiting.

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