Salmon Holes Beach

Salmon HolesSalmon Holes Beach is situated off Frenchman Bay Road in the Torndirrup National Park, approximately 23km from Albany CBD and is a firm favourite with tourists who enjoy the inviting white sandy beach that sweeps around the small cove to a spectacular granite headland.

Anglers also love Salmon Holes, however, fishing in these waters can be extremely dangerous and many anglers, mostly tourists, have been swept from the rocks to their death by dangerous waves.

20110319150116 naturalbridgeresizedThis section of coast is notorious for unpredictable king waves. The day may be fine and the sea calm when, for no apparent reason, an unusually strong swell will suddenly send a colossal wave crashing over the rocks. Once in that boiling cauldron of turbulent seawater, a victim would have little, or no hope of getting out. Visitors also need to take care when viewing the Natural Bridge and The Gap. Deaths have occurred here because people left the viewing area to get closer to the ocean.

The beach takes its name after the salmon which rest in the calmer waters close to the shore. Swimming, surfing and fishing is permitted at Salmon Holes, although the beach is unpatrolled by surf life savers. A steep climb down to the beach via wooden steps reveals an excellent view of the coastline and access to a small sheltered pool, while nearby is the Bald Head Walking Trail.