Jimmy Newell's (Newhill's) Harbour

Accessable from Frenchman Bay Road

DSC 8913Jimmy Newell’s Harbour is a beautiful natural inlet situated in Torndirrup National Park, providing a protected calm body of water ideal for swimming, paddling and beach fishing.

This beautiful natural feature is named after local fisherman Jimmy Newhill or Newell who was caught in an unexpected storm and luckily driven to the shelter of the harbour. Newhill was one of the 121 NSW convicts brought to Albany by Major Edmund Lockyer in 1826. After serving his time, Newhill remained in the area, sailing around the coast hunting mutton birds and seals. He died at Albany in 1855.

The harbour is a 500m deep cleft in the 100-150m high limestone capped-granite, with boulders dominating the more protected inner shoreline, with waves that average less than 1m high. While the boulders dominate the shoreline there is some low tide sand amongst them at the apex of the bay.

A car park is located above the western side with a steep descent down to the shore. The harbour is also a popular spot for surfers who ride a peaky right hand surf break off the western entrance.


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