Anvil Beach

anvil-beach-1Anvil Beach is situated on the Nullaki Peninsula, the southern boundary of the Wilson Inlet, approximately 39km from Albany and 30km from Denmark. The beach boasts spectacular views west past William Head and out over the southern ocean.

The beach is 1km long and lies in the lee of a beachrock reef with a 200m wide central gap. Waves break heavily on the reef and pass through the gap to break again inside a ‘lagoon’, which is around 30m wide in the centre.

A huge, permanent rip drains out from the centre of the beach and through the gap, while a second beachrock reef also parallels the central shoreline of the beach. The beach is surrounded by 30m high bluffs in the east, grading to a lower fore dune in the west.

Anvil beach is unpatrolled and classified as highly hazardous, therefore it is definitely not recommended for swimming or any other type of water activity whatsoever.