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Note from the Developers: With all the changes that Version 4 has brought to albanygateway.com.au, some of the Frequently Asked Questions no longer make any sense! For the moment, we have disabled ones that would confuse more than they would help, and are flying through the creation of new ones to help you out. For the moment, please direct any questions directly to our staff. 

This Frequently Asked Questions page has been developed to aid you in being a full contributor and participant in the albanygateway.com.au community web-portal.

If there is something that you are having problems with- chances are there are many others thinking the same thing! Please contact us and we can not only help you out but keep adding to this database.

How do I Add an Event to the Calendar?

The calendar allows you to inform the whole region about a future event. To add an item to the calendar, please complete the steps below:

1. Log into your account (You must be a registered user of albanygateway to create and modify calendar events)

2. Across the top menu, click on Calendar.

calendar menu

3. To add an event, you can either:

a) navigate to the date you want to hold your event, hover your mouse over it until the + sign appears in the top right hand corner. Click the + sign.

add event1

b) Scroll down the page to the bottom of the calendar and click "Add an event".

add event2


3. The following screen will appear. Fill the fields with information relevant to your event - an example is provided below.


edit event

4. When finished, click the Save button in the top right hand corner, as indicated by the green arrow in the picture above.

The albanygateway.com.au community calendar is a FREE service for the Great Southern. The ads will appear in a plain text format.

Please contact albanygateway.com.au if you would like images or a link to a website added. Price per event is $55.


How do I Edit a Calendar Event?

To edit an event follow these steps:

1.  Log in with the same username you created the event under.

2.  Click on Calendar in the menu across the top of the website.

3. Find the event you wish  to edit in the calendar and click on it.  In the page detailing your event, cick on the icon of the paper and pen as shown below.

 edit calendaredit menu

4. A menu with 3 choices will appear under the icon. If you want to delete your calendar event, click unpublish.

If you would like to change the details of your event, click edit event. This will remove your previous listing and only post up the new, edited version.

If you are holding a similar event want to use the description from this event, click on Copy and edit event. This will keep the original and create another one with the information you insert in the next step.

5. When editing an event, a similar form to the one you used when you created the event will come up. Please change any information you require in this form.

 edit event

6. Changes can be saved using the Save button at the top of the page.


What is a Featured Listing?

Albanygateway.com.au offers two types of featured listings: Category and Hot Spot

Category featured listing

A category featured listing appears at the top section of the list within the business directory.

It is orange and twice the size of a basic listing. The business name is bold and in a larger font and costs $55 per year.

Hot Spot featured listing

Hot Spot listings cost $60 per calendar month, But be quick - there are only 10 Hot Spot listings at any given time.


What is a Category?

A category is a subdivision within the business directory which people use to find your business.

Your business will reach a larger demographic if it is advertised in two or more categories.

For example, a restaurant which opens for cafe style lunches, formal dinners, sells local produce and provides catering services is not going to reach its entire target audience by just appearing in the restaurant category. It would obviously be more beneficial to appear in Restaurants, Cafes, Local Produce and Catering.

Please contact albanygateway.com.au if you need advice on which categories would suit your business.

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