How do I Post an Ad in the Classifieds?

1. Login with your username and password.

You must be a registered member to post an ad in the classifieds.

To register click here

2. In the menu across the top of the website, hover your mouse over "Classifieds" until the drop down menu appears. Select "Post New Ad"

post new ad


3. Select the category you would like your ad to appear in. For the purposes of demonstration, the example below shows an ad being posted in the "For Sale" section.


4. A form will appear for you to enter the information about the item you are selling. Only the purple fields are mandatory, but the more information you provide about your item the better. An example has been provided below.

Please note that the fields will change according to what category you are posting in - e.g. if in Pets & Livestock, you will be asked for breed, gender, age; if in Vehicles & Motorcycles you will be asked for Make, Model, Year, Kms, Transmission.

post new ad fields


5. To add pictures (maximum of 2), either drag the photos from a folder on your computer into the window entitled "Drag files here", or click Add files as per the picture below.

post new ad fields2

6. After selecting the pictures on your computer, click Start Upload

 start upload

5. When the photos have finished uploading, they will have a green tick next to them. The ad is now ready to be posted. When you are happy with what you have written, click Save as per the picture below.

save upload

6. You will now be navigated back to your "My Account" screen, and under "My Classified Ads" you will see the ad you have just posted.

 my account showing classifieds