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Note from the Developers: With all the changes that Version 4 has brought to albanygateway.com.au, some of the Frequently Asked Questions no longer make any sense! For the moment, we have disabled ones that would confuse more than they would help, and are flying through the creation of new ones to help you out. For the moment, please direct any questions directly to our staff. 

This Frequently Asked Questions page has been developed to aid you in being a full contributor and participant in the albanygateway.com.au community web-portal.

If there is something that you are having problems with- chances are there are many others thinking the same thing! Please contact us and we can not only help you out but keep adding to this database.

Why should I Register as a User of the Website?

As a registered user, you can access other areas of albanygateway.com.au including:
  •     Enter events on the albanygateway.com.au calendar
  •     Enter classifieds on the albanygateway.com.au classifieds
  •     Edit business and community organisation ads
  •     Make comments on the blog
  •     Rate and comment on advertisers
  •     Comment on albanygateway.com.au competition entries
  •     Report errors
  •     Sign up for newletters

Click here to Register

How do I Report an Error in the site?

As with all websites, we know there will be problems along the way, so here's your opportunity to get involved and let us know about them.

To report an error to the albanygateway.com.au webmaster scroll to the bottom of the page and select Report a Problem or click here.

If possible, please send us the url or a link of the page where you discovered the problem.


How do I Post an Ad in the Classifieds?

1. Login with your username and password.

You must be a registered member to post an ad in the albanygateway.com.au classifieds.

To register click here

2. In the menu across the top of the website, hover your mouse over "Classifieds" until the drop down menu appears. Select "Post New Ad"

post new ad


3. Select the category you would like your ad to appear in. For the purposes of demonstration, the example below shows an ad being posted in the "For Sale" section.

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