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ECKANKAR Society of WA (Albany)

ECKANKAR Society of WA (Albany)
ECKANKAR — The Path of Spiritual Freedom
ECKANKAR is about love, freedom, truth, growth, and the unfoldment of consciousness.

What do the ECK teachings offer that orthodox religions don't?  Mainly the Sound and Light of God.

And the light and Sound of God provide us with love, hope, wisdom, and understanding.

With ECKANKAR you can get spiritual freedom and more divine love which can work miracles for you if you let it.


* ECK Light and Sound Service, first Sunday of every month 10 to 11:30am, at the Albany Bridge Club, Mill St — refer https://eckankarwa.org.au/eck-light-sound-service/
* Sound of Soul, third Sunday of every month 1-2pm, at Beryl Grant Community Centre, 31 Townsend St, Albany — refer https://eckankarwa.org.au/the-sound-of-soul/
Chanting HU, an ancient name for God, can bring you more peace, love, and spiritual insight.

Enquiries please phone Lyn on 9842 9531 or Colleen 9842 2606.
Opening Hours:

6330 Albany


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