SAFE Inc has been rescuing and re-homing pets in Western Australia since 2003, through a successful foster care model operated by volunteers. SAFE foster carers provide temporary home-based care until a permanent home is found, eliminating the need for a shelter to house homeless animals.

We have branches and networks supporting each other right across the state, from Broome down to Albany, working towards zero euthanasia of rehomable pets and a good quality of life for all companion animals.

Our mission is to save homeless pets from unnecessary euthanasia by fostering, de-sexing and permanently rehoming them.

SAFE is keen to see caged care kept to a minimum and used only when necessary, such as for quarantine, behavioural assessments and emergency overflow – while the majority of homeless pets are able to enjoy the benefits of foster care.

As a Foster Carer, you decide what animal you are able to take in and for how long, ensuring he or she fits in well with you, your family and any other pets you may have. We work closely with you and provide ongoing support to you as a valued member of the SAFE Albany team.

Foster Caring SAFE animals can also be very beneficial to those who are unable to commit to the long term ownership of a dog or cat, but still want a furry friend for companionship.

All animals pictured are either currently in foster care or have recently been adopted.


SAFE Albany
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