Don't look now but Christmas is a little over 100 sleeps away. So that is both good and bad news.
The good news is the PH@TT program is just 40 days long so that means you can easily fit in 2 rounds and have dropped 20kg+ before the fat man slides down your chimney!
Seriously, now is the time to put your hand up and say LET'S DO THE DAMN THING!
Imagine your December with this in mind:
✔️ Being at least 10kg lighter
✔️ Feeling full of energy
✔️ Not ashamed of your body
✔️ No longer embarrassed to attend that work or family function
✔️ Excited at the thought of shopping for a new Christmas outfit

??‍♀️You get your own mentor that will keep you on track
?You can join our HUGE online community to get additional support
?You get all the tools you need to succeed including so many recipes
?You will be taking high-quality supplements to help you feel amazing.
Now doesn't that sound like a big prize that simply needs a bow ? to call it a gift ?. Best of all, by starting PH@TT now, you will be a winner. Your body will thank you and come Christmas party time, you will be so glad you took the step now.
So let's get you started!
If you are ready to start your PH@TT journey, simply write YES PLEASE to get you up and running. The products arrive quickly so you could be starting in just a few short days.
So pin to the fridge a photo of that dream outfit and let's get you into it for Christmas.
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Kim Bunney
Healthy living