Plan B - We're giving it away!
The cover of Kikuyu at our new site for Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre Community Garden's is up for grabs.
Refresh your verge? Put in a lawn out the back? Establish some pasture in your paddock?

BE GREEDY! There's 1200sqm of it, so you can even bring down your bobcats, tractors or whatever and cart it away. It's free*, so you can take as much as you can carry!
* Free - though any donation towards our garden, large or small, would be appreciated.

Get in touch to arrange it...
Ryan 0439 953 846

Why are we removing the Kikuyu?
Kikuyu amongst food gardens is a headache. It takes a lot of time and energy to keep the Kikuyu at bay. We don't want to spray it - spraying it isn't very effective on Kikuyu and there is some very serious doubt about the safety of glyphosate (aka RoundUp). The location is in a public park near a children's playground. You aren't allowed to smoke near playgrounds, so we don't think you should be allowed to spray glyphosate either. So were are trying to remove it physically. Pigs would be a great option, but not suitable for this location. We are a not-for-profit group and our earth moving budget has been swallowed up by unexpected expenses around moving our building. We are trying to be creative. Get involved!


Ryan Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre
0439 953 846
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