Juicing & Fermenting for Beginners- Course
Mount Barker WA 6324/ Albany 6330
Learn How to Juice
Learn How to Make Water, Milk and Coconut Kefir
Learn to Make Sourdough
Learn to Make Fermented Vegetables, Sour Cream etc
Learn to Make Kombucha
Lets get you started on the exciting road to regaining your gut health through fermented foods.

Your health is all about your gut, that's where your immune system resides!

During this 3 -4 hour course you will learn how to Juice, how to make home made kefirs, kombucha, sourdough starters and fermented foods.

Course dates to be announced shortly and will run usually every 2nd weekend.

Register your interest early as only 5 persons can attend at each weekend.

Course is $100 per person.

Private lessons can be arranged for $149 pp (one on one)

If you are travelling we can arrange comfortable accommodation for 1 night farm stay at $125 extra. Stay and enjoy the peaceful farm life and go home with lots of ways to kick start your gut health with home made fermenting!
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Albany/Mt Barker
Learn How To Juice & FermentLearn How To Juice & FermentLearn How To Juice & FermentLearn How To Juice & FermentLearn How To Juice & Ferment