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Soulful exercise to inspirational music…class - weekly

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Wednesday 15 May 2019, 09:15am - 10:45am

We all want to be well and healthier.  In this CREATIVE EXERCISE CLASS class its always fun to develop your approach to good health (holisticaly); a rehabilitation journey. The class applies no pressure and you can take your time to regain body confidence, get fitter and/or re-connect with emerging holistic health.  TRY it, ideally with the support of a friend. 

Richard’s Eclectic Exercise Class to Music - all ages are most welcome! (young and elders) Fit to Fragile..... start from where you are....... don't expect too much from your body after years? of abuse....

Go at your own pace (threshold), allow body movements to uplifting music and simple exercises to gradually stir you towards better holistic health.

 CLASSES: Each Wednesday  9:15 until 10:45

 WHERE: Albany Dance Academy venue – 9 Hercules crescent off Barker Rd, Albany...Near the Seafood / Fish shop on Barker Rd.


..............................................................................................................Pic above = Symbolic of feeling Freer and enjoying sheer delight.

 WHAT TO WEAR: Loose layers of clothing e.g. tights/trackie pants and top (s)

 COST: $10 p.w

Transformation can and does happen!  You can get better, fitter, slimmer, looser, more able...and moving to and with music consistently makes it easier!. So, just start slowly from where you are and it does take significant time to restore and feel more able.   I/we will support you; many are in the same situation.  Most people who start the class are often run down, 2 left feet, neglected health, plus injuries and so slow progress is a reality, a limitation, but not a life-sentence.  Some people have been with me for 3-4 years, they have become more able physically and manage themselves better and love it!  The class promotes holistic health and will include many health practices to assist you.

LEADER: Richard Sanderson, a teacher who likes & studies dance, tai chi, yoga, meditation, soul issues, health, consciousness and motivating music.  “I know I need to maintain a culture of wellness as I age and quality of life is my priority. It’s exciting, challenging and a learning process.”

CONTACT: Phone Richard / see Albany ph book for number to call (if info required).

FORMAT: A simple fun exercise-human movement class to music; music that motivates, moves the body and soul; (both structured and un-structured exercise).  A light to active work out (depending on your body) plus some chair exercises; a low-impact/moderate intensity class. * My ambition is to provide a consistent exercise framework for fun and body movement to loosen one up, lift the spirits, encourage good health practices and have a laugh, socialise-connect together / community fun and fitness is envisaged.

  • GIVE IT A TRY! (bring a nutritious drink; C U There!)

  • Just take your time....focus on you and the music.....no pressure...u can do your own thing!  It is a creative class that will make you smile...you wont think your exercising!



Wednesday 15 May 2019, 09:15am - 10:45am



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