Tourism BOOST

Are You Ready For A BOOST?
Workshop Topics
Session 1 - Understanding the tourism industry (1.5 hours)
This session is for new and existing small business operators and their employees. Find out more about distribution channels, commission structures, tourism accreditation, specialised tourism industry research, and who does what and why. This is an ideal opportunity to give your business a head start in navigating your way around the tourism industry.

Session 2 - How to make your business stand out from the crowd (1.5 hours)
Whether you’ve been in the industry for a while or are new to tourism this practical session will help you boost your business. Learn how to work collaboratively to package and market your business and get tips on how to sell your business in two minutes. We’ll also show you how to ensure your brochure leaps off the rack and how to write a winning media release.

Session 3 - Succeeding Online (2 hours)
This workshop will show you how to make your website extraordinary, and how to successfully promote it. Most consumers now search online for travel options, so if you’re not well represented in this space you’re lagging behind. We’ll also show you how to market your business on a budget.
The Tourism BOOST workshop is now available 24/7 as an online guide for anyone keen to achieve tourism and business success. Plus... we've added even more value with quizzes, practical pricing tools, and entertaining videos of successful operators who  generously share their tips and wisdom.
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