Intoxicating India (August 5th)

Arrived Delhi. Mmmm the balmy air literally smothers you as exit the airport. A familiar scent in the air reconnecting the spirit with this familiar place.

Two empty flights allowed us flat beds the whole way almost an upgrade! A funny Sikh guy who literally skulled whiskey after whiskey the whole way and then the poor flight attendants trying to arouse him to put his seatbelt on for landing – quite amusing!

The roads, the madness, the funny funny people. We went the wrong way around a roundabout and wow better to just close your eyes, somehow the flexibility the chaos just works.

The baggage has been lost en route. Hopefully it turns up – or a lot of shopping required. Fairly accepting of what comes. First time for either of us to have lost the baggage on the way so hey let’s see.

A bottle of verve to open our first day, and have to confess to a cheeky bottle of Moet as part of our limited luggage now too. India duty free – after a very long journey and lost bags – a welcome sparkle

So the weather doing crazy things and changing our entire trip. We were booked for Shimla tomorrow (8 hours North) then onto Dharamasala. But the universe has other plans. 30 people died in a landslide today with many more missing. Floods and monsoon craziness. Not wise for us to consider this area for this trip. Blessed to be in the position to choose and change our direction. Sometimes you don’t get what you want (or thought you wanted)- you get what you need.

So The route gets more interesting, more intrepid. We fly to Kashmir tomorrow. Bags please arrive during the night or we are the super light travelers with basically nothing at all. Wow I am so excited to visit this amazing area.

To the majestic mountains we go ….
Namaste x

For now

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