Intoxicating India (August 21st)

Blessed and Blissed

For the final leg of this eclectic journey I am heading back to Delhi. For the first time in the trip I am experiencing the monsoon. I love big rain. The force of powerful rain is awesome. Just on the outskirts of Delhi now and the rain has been hammering down for the last couple of hours. The roads are flooded in parts, yet the people wearing only shirts on motorbikes and determined and relentlessly making their way through. Its gridlock, but sitting here in the warm, dry car I realize even more just how amazing the people and this country really are. They are so strong, so tough, and so incredible.

My driver (keiam Samar) is a very sweet man from Agra, he has amazing driving skills with such a focused way of weaving in and out of the depths of the traffic to ensure we are moving forwards towards our destination. Despite the weather, and driving conditions he remains calm and clear. It is like nothing can shake the equilibrium of the people here. It impresses me and reminds me that most of us in the west have such a long way to go.

Of course when you are continually exposed to so many challenges in your daily life, your levels of resilience, patience and acceptance soar. But still it is such an eye opening experience, each and every time you witness it.

I feel very calm and peaceful, just really enjoying the movie playing before me. The drive can be 3.5 to 4 hours from Agra to Delhi. Already it’s been 6.5, but it’s not fazing me at all today. It is as it is. Just enjoying the ride and the positive feelings evolving in my mind having this time to reflect and just ‘be’.

This trip has really been such an adventure, and was so needed. The diversity of all the places we have been, the beautiful people along the way all leave me with an untouchable inner smile. As I return to our starting point, I remember the feeling at the start of the trip. So much to let go of from a busy life in Australia, and so much to embrace on my return.

I feel so inspired and excited about all the opportunities that await me. I am so grateful for this life with all the magic, the sparkles, the challenges and opportunities for growth.

India never fails to ignite my spirit, put everything into perspective, and somehow in all the chaos and disorganization I find a very peaceful place to reside. The energy, the inspiration and the gratitude you are presented from investing some time in this country is infinite.

Thoughts of giving my little boy the biggest hugs, and seeing his bright shining eyes are giving me little tingles. My partner will collect me from the Heathrow airport with my mum. Wow the feeling as you walk through the gates at the airport, and the knowing to be greeted with love and hugs. Amazing. Two years have passed since I last hugged all of my family and awesome friends in the UK. I am not sure where the time is absorbed in between, but I am so looking forward to being amerced in their worlds. I love the experience of catching up on our lives and reconnecting face to face. It really is a blessing.

It was a huge life change to relocate to Australia nearly seven years ago. After traveling around the globe between studies for years, we felt Australia offered us so much. And it does. It truly is the land of opportunity, of positive living and abundance. Meeting so many new people, meeting our son, building new businesses, somehow getting lost in life. The very special people we were lucky enough to be surrounded by for so many years in the UK still and always will have have such an important place in our hearts wherever we are in the world.

With just 10 days in the UK, I am sure it won’t be long enough – it never is! The last trip I had 5 weeks and still there was more people to see, and more to do. Nevertheless I will all make the most of the time we have, creating more magical memories until the next trip.

Thank-you India for all that you are.

Thank-you India for all that you have.

Thank-you India for all that you will be.

I feel your strength. I feel your power. I feel your determination for life.

Infused in every cell in my body like an energetic medicine.

There is no doubt I will be back

I have clear visions of returning with my partner and son to visit the little girls we are sponsoring (Shakila, and Karma) at the orphanage in Leh, Ladakh and see how they are growing and getting on with their education.

I have already received so many emails from clients enquiring about visiting India on a journey organised with my company ‘Radiant Being’ in 2013. I have a clear vision on exactly what we will focus on, as well as the parts worth leaving out in terms of time, and how it is best spent. Oh my goodness it is going to be the most amazing retreat plan. The connections made on this trip have been so brilliant. The synchronicity and timing of all never fails to blow my mind!

There is no question of being back, I just wonder about the number of times incredible India will intoxicate me with its uniqueness in this amazing life. I am so looking forward to sharing this with others and seeing them majestically absorbed by its powerful spell.

India – I salute you!

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Om Peace Peace Peace

Namaste x