Intoxicating India (August 20th (2))

img 17011 copyHumidity – Extreme but somehow just so different its enjoyable! Sunglasses steamed up, and skin wet and warm!

The Magnificent Taj Mahal is definitely worth the trip. Its just so unbelievable to see such a beautiful building. Its kind of surreal and like it is just floating there.

Despite being in a sea of zillions of tourists it is still special and breathtaking.

We had the funniest time with about 30 – 40 Indian tourists asking my guide if they can take a picture with me! Apparently I look like a famous Bollywood Star called Videya Balan. Just had such a laugh saying we were setting up a stand next to the Taj charging for photos with the fake Videya!

The highlight of the day for me was helping the driver from yesterday set up his Facebook business page. We spent several hours out of the humidity and getting his page up and running. He was just so appreciative, and as we all know it feels so very cool to help someone out with something that is easy for you, but really hard for them.

I appreciated his amazing driving skills yesterday.

Visit AJay’s page and ‘like’ it if you can – he needs 25 likes to get his URL and then he can use it on his business page while he saves for his website.

Leaving at 5am back to Delhi for my last night!

UK – bring it on!