Intoxicating India (August 17th)


img 5820Woke up in the most comfortable bed of the whole journey. Our blissful India treat is proving to be literally heavenly. A meeting with the hotel manager here, and viewing of whole hotel left me feeling in awe of the places available to us. Feeling inspired and totally blissed out, I called the other hotel I wanted to view here called the Taj Palace. I felt pretty disappointed when I was told it would be totally impossible to view the hotel at all. Not good news – this location had really been on my radar after staying at the amazing Taj in Srinagar.

When I hear the word impossible, it really only ever creates more determination for me. If it is something I have a feeling to do or see its pretty unusual that I won’t do it – despite any obstacles.

A few calls later and I was on a boat being taken to the Taj Palaces private Jetty to be collected and taken there after security checks. Excellent, definitely worth persistence. The Taj Palace is situated in the middle of the lake, The boat taking me there was absolutely beautiful. On arrival I was showered with rose petals, and a very well dressed man took me with a sun shade into the hotel.

One word – WOW.

img 5858This was the very hotel the James Bond movie had been filmed. Every detail is literally exquisite. Being inside a real palace that used to be the home of a real King was just dripping with positive vibes. I loved it, and felt very happy to be there having a meeting with the managers, and private tour. I was apparently incredibly fortunate, as the Taj is a high security private and exclusive spot. As it was fully booked it should have literally been impossible to see it at all. This location will definitely be on our India retreat adventures. Too many original and magical touches for the guest to mention. I was blown away by the originality and ambiance of this place. The history, the character, the sheer beauty all around me.

Feeling most grateful to be blessed with a ‘never give up’ nature. I realized it had many bonuses – woo hoo!

Enjoy these pictures, they were all well worth the effort.

5 hours in the car to Jaipur tomorrow …