Intoxicating India (August 12th)

Wow… What a week! Feeling floored that we have only been here for one week, seems like we have been here so much longer!

So we arrived in Delhi last week to find the Dharamasala and Shimla the first leg of our trip was flooded! Landslides… Maybe not, after a brief visit to a tourist info centre we found ourselves with a re gig and booked on a flight for the next morning off to insane Himalayas and the stunning location of Kashmir! Here we had a experience that took us from one extreme to the other. The houseboat we were booked on… 20 years ago when it was in it’s glory days, maybe! If we were 20 years old and backpacking, maybe! Hence to say one night was enough so the next morning we took ourselves off in search of a bit of LUX!!! With our built in radars we ended up at the Taj Hotel! Name says it all really, pure luxury actually I would go as far to say I have never stayed in such and amazing location in my life. Mind blowing!

After a night of Lux and a full recharge we were ready for adventure… Just as well! An 395km 18 hour journey!! Through the Himalayas we arrived in Leh. Incredible journey, amazing landscape and so glad we did this. Would I ever do it again… I’m thinking chopper next time thanks!

Leh, in love with this place! 85% Buddhist, beautiful people, insane carpets just beauty all around.

Will waffle again soon as we are off to discover. Enjoy the pics xxx

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