Intoxicating India


The journey of Intoxicating India came about one night when Hayley and I bumped into each other in a little pub in the gorgeous town of Albany situated in Great Southern of Western Australia.

It was quite a bizarre situation as we knew each other very briefly through our business Eclectic Events & Radiant Being and had met a few times, for me it was one of those I don’t really know Hayley but I know her very well situations! I think we have a very similar ethos to life, both open to opportunities that come our way, both of the belief that the universe provides these opportunities at the right time without forcing things and whether you take these or not is part of life’s amazing journey!

And so the adventure began…

Needing a supercharge and break after a mad 2010/2011 events and wedding season I had been wanting to travel back to India for quite some time. I had actually spoken to my mother on the same morning and said. ”It’s time I went back to India Mum, just need to find the right person to travel with”. Hayley had been speaking to a good friend the day before and said exactly the same thing! So we are standing in this pub… voicing this to each other and both said “Lets do it, lets go to India”.

With this the planning all fell into place, visits to the Turkish Baths in Denmark, long lunches and lots of emails back and forth. The experience so far has been a great journey within it’s self. And now we find ourselves on the countdown… just slightly excited, 5th August we will be flying away! Have been digging out old diaries and pictures from adventures abroad so very ready for what every this throws at me!

So to the eclectic & exotic, mad & manic, spiritual and serene… intoxicating India… bring it on! xxx

Enjoy… over to you Hayley!


Five days to go. Intoxicating India – I said I would be back. Feeling totally blissed and blessed with an incredibly unexpected opportunity to embrace another experience in this powerful place.
Six years since the last trip and some more years since the trip before that.
Present thoughts include totally different areas on the radar, than where I have been before. This adventure includes all the places that have been on my wish list for a very long time.
Literally thought of, booked and planned in just 4 weeks. My travel companion the lovely Jo Taylor has a similar level of respect and is also in awe of India. We connected through our businesses, but conversations were always on places we had been, would like to go. Resonating on many levels, although it came about ‘suddenly’ everything feels right. We were meant to have the conversations during the week leading up to randomly crossing paths igniting a sparkle of India in our souls. We found ourselves talking about how much we loved India, and then concluding our conversation with a ‘cheers and lets do it’. (those synchronized moments in life – are they totally random or are they all just destined?)
Always amazing how when we are headed in the right direction the path literally opens up. I hope I continue to remember in life when a situation is not flowing its time to turn and find a new path. There are often some very clear directions for us to go. When we relax, get in touch with our intuition, inner guidance, higher self or however you like to refer to the magic of life.
It will be soon be time to step onto the roller coaster, fasten my seat belt, and drink up all that is to follow. A rich, diverse and cultured experience awaits. The feeling of stepping into the absolute unknown is giving me little excited tingles now fairly frequently. Wooo hoooo! Whoop whoop – I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it.
For now I have a list of things to do as long as my arm, or possibly both arms and legs, in this short time before we board the flight. In order to embark on a longer journey, the actual ‘leaving’ can leave you feeling more than ‘ready’ for the start of the trip.
I welcome the opportunity to grow, learn, and experience all I need to experience to allow this to happen.
I have this hugely positive feeling that this experience is going to be life changing. I see myself post India with the brightest eyes, clear and guided to the very best things in life. It’s certainly a welcome daydream/vision.
For all you ‘India adventure wannabes’, allow us to inspire your imagination, and ignite your spirit. Allow yourself to develop your dream trip. It all starts in the mind.
Life is short. You never know what is around a corner. The most important thing is to make the most of every moment. Don’t put things off. Live for the Day.
Enjoy our blog, Intoxicating India – Bring it on.