Intoxicating India (August 26th)

Igniting my inner traveler

Having been in the UK a few days now, I notice my mind just feeling so inspired and refreshed from this time in India. It’s like a part of me that I had lost touch with for a few years is back and on full beam. I have Hawaii on the radar now. I am really interested to know more about the spiritual side of Hawaii, as well as dedicating some time to surfing. I can see myself there and just know it will happen very soon.

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Intoxicating India (August 21st)

Blessed and Blissed

For the final leg of this eclectic journey I am heading back to Delhi. For the first time in the trip I am experiencing the monsoon. I love big rain. The force of powerful rain is awesome. Just on the outskirts of Delhi now and the rain has been hammering down for the last couple of hours. The roads are flooded in parts, yet the people wearing only shirts on motorbikes and determined and relentlessly making their way through. Its gridlock, but sitting here in the warm, dry car I realize even more just how amazing the people and this country really are. They are so strong, so tough, and so incredible.

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Intoxicating India (August 20th (2))

img 17011 copyHumidity – Extreme but somehow just so different its enjoyable! Sunglasses steamed up, and skin wet and warm!

The Magnificent Taj Mahal is definitely worth the trip. Its just so unbelievable to see such a beautiful building. Its kind of surreal and like it is just floating there.

Despite being in a sea of zillions of tourists it is still special and breathtaking.

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Intoxicating India (August 20th)

Phew – a long 12 hours in the car from Udaipur to Agra. When you think of your worst white knuckle theme ride and multiply it a few times you are somewhere close to the experience on the roads in parts of India.

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Intoxicating India (August 17th)


img 5820Woke up in the most comfortable bed of the whole journey. Our blissful India treat is proving to be literally heavenly. A meeting with the hotel manager here, and viewing of whole hotel left me feeling in awe of the places available to us. Feeling inspired and totally blissed out, I called the other hotel I wanted to view here called the Taj Palace. I felt pretty disappointed when I was told it would be totally impossible to view the hotel at all. Not good news – this location had really been on my radar after staying at the amazing Taj in Srinagar.

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