iFrogz Earpollution CS40s Headphones

iFrogz1This review is written by our Audio Specialist Charlie Marraffa

Here’s another chance I get to enjoy something that I like doing, reviewing more cans. This time it’s the iFrogz Earpollution CS40s headphones that arrived today. I would like to extend an apology to the T.N.T courier driver that was chased by my dog when they were attempting delivery of the headphones. He was finally coaxed out of the truck when I held up my dog and confirmed that it was about the size of a coke can with legs.

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Kodak M200 EasyShare Mini

frontIt has been a while since DigitalReviews has reviewed some Kodak gadgets, the Kodak EasyShare Mini M200 is a 10 megapixel compact camera designed for portability and sharing.  Let's see wh

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Samsung Galaxy 7.7" Tablet

samsung  galaxy  tablet  7.7Samsung galaxy tablet 7.7
Whilst the operating system was not Ice Cream Sandwich at time of testing, instead being loaded with Honeycomb 3.2, we found it works a treat. We are referring to one of the new Galaxy Tablets from Samsung – at 7.7” it’s easy to hold but sizable enough to make it suitable for those people whose eyesight isn’t quite flash enough to read the telephone book in subdued light.
Our intention with this review is to evaluate the 7.7” Samsung Galaxy tablet from a slightly different perspective than other reviewers.  We intend to try and assist those readers out there who are of differing minds as to what to buy - Size? Purpose? Function? Brand? Price?
So read on and we will tell it how it is!

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PAPAGO! P3 Car Video Recorder

papagoThe first time I took a taxi in Taiwan I looked at the satnav device; it was a brand I'd never heard of: PAPAGO!. Then at Computex I came across a stand from PAPAGO! who obviously are very big in Asia. Their most interesting product was a video recording device for your car consisting of a small colour screen and a full HD 1080p camera that will record everything that is happening in front of you in glorious detail. Its purpose is to be a witness for your next car accident….
If that sounds a bit gloomy, keep in mind that more than 100,000 car accidents occur globally every day. I have been in three of them so I've had my fair share already and none of them were my fault. Yet I could have done with an independent witness to back up my side of the story. So what is this PAPAGO! P3 device like to use in real life?

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