Hen swallows snake

From the Perth Western Mail, Thursday, November 13, 1924.

I notice in your issue of the 23rd. inst., under letters to group settlers, No. 15, that a rooster had been killed by eating a snake. I have had a similar experience, with a hen. Some little time back while farming at Denmark,  I was standing in front of the house in the company with the other men, towards evening  and we noticed a hen jump straight up in the air three or four times and then drop dead.

We were puzzled to know what had happened, so I plucked the feathers off the breast and cut open the crop and to my surprise there was about 2inches of the tail part of a snake, the remainder having wriggled on down into the entrails. I caught hold of the tail and pulled the snake out.  It was about 9inches long and not picked or broken and was still alive.

A. H. Johnson, Emu Point, Albany.

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