Day 22 Last Day

Day 22 Photo1Too many wines last night so I woke with a massive headache, hangover, and a sore hip which i assume i did during my fall. Going to be tough today. 40 km of wonderful pea gravel.
Packed early, i hear Peter treasure packing his tent up before i even crawed out of my sleeping bag. Bit of rain last night, enough to wet everything but not enough to help that nasty pea gravel go away. Some soft patches early and my body was rejecting me. Mother Sandy just said self inflicted and gave me no pity leaving me in her dust on most hills early. One instruction before we left was stick to the left hand side on any forks in the road. A couple of big climbs but not much of concern at least until we started taking log over drop off and jumps then realised we were off the munda biddi and on the mundaring cicuit. That perked me up and was having fun until the rest of the group decided we were on the wrong track and had to turn back. We forgot to stay left.
Day 22 Photo3Back on track and some steady climbing and after about 30 km I was starting to recover from last nights celebration. Fairly cruisy from there and we arrived almost at mundaring at 11.30 before realising we were meant to stop 2 km back to regroup. Doh! Back down the track to where healthy KFC was waiting for us for lunch thanks to Jenny.
We arranged ourselves in the order that we siged up for the trip Ron first and headed on the last 4 kms of the journey. We could here commotion in the distance drums and loudspeakers and we rode though the finish to photographers, family and friends, wow a great greeting, the drums topped it off. Shortly after Minister Jacobs presented us with our numbered rider jerseys one by one and then officially opened the munda biddi trail unveiling a plaque.
We had a few more photos and then said our farewells to our new found friends before gradually peeling off one by one. In the distance Peter was first to leave, as normal, but on his bike to ride 20 km back home. Ahh whats another 20 km after close to 1100 km.
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