Day 21 Jarrahdale to Carringbar

Peter treasure was up at 5 as normal well before the birds and started the chain reaction to get us ready for the ride today. It was a 60 km ride to carringbar today and we are still exhausted from the ride yesteray. Today we took it very easy to ensure we made it through but apparantly not easy enough for me. I got caught out on a technical downhill when the back slid out I clipped a tree and did a spectacular barrel roll. Bit of bark off the knee and broken pride but otherwise still in working order. We arrived around 1 pm and rested until we could pitch our tents for the last time on this journey. It was then i noticed that I had also broken a spoke but luckilly I had a spare and was able to fix it.

Day 21 Photo1
DEC really put on a special show for us with fried spring rolls, dim sims, prawns and many other mouth watering treats including an esky full of freshly cooked and cleaned blue manna crabs. They had heard about the marron we had in Collie and didnt want to be outdone and from my point of view i think they did it well. Wow out in the wilderness sleeping in tent and we are eating prawns and crabs gosh its tough in the bush oh and for desert we had Icecream of choc wedges and magnums how good is that? Followed by lamb chops steak and sausages to build up the reserves for tomorrows last ride. We have been scamming that we want Ron to ride through the finish line first tomorow but we have not told him yet so we have secretly been passing around the message. The boys sent a car down to purchased a few ales and wines to help celebrate the last night in the camp. Ron recognised assistance given by others during the ride by presenting them with Munda Biddi marker tags a really nice touch. Late one at 9.30 pm and most are either now not capable of driving or in bed.
I'm very tired after a bottle red wine and the legs will be glad for a couple of days off after this. Its been a tough journey, tougher for others than me. I have seen some very inspiring stories amongst others. I have met some terrific people on this trip.
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