Day 20 Dwellingup to Jarrahdale

Slept terribly last night and it seems many others did too, not sure why, but the temperature was hot at first and then chilly in the morn,that might have had something to do with it.

Day 20 Photo2Massive day on the bike, i found it very draining and was spent by the time we reached Jarrahdale. The first part from Dwellingup to Marrinup and then turners is very familar and was quite easy but after that, Wow some sections of the track would be unridable with panniers or a trailer. Very technical and very challenging. I found them lots of fun but still very draining. Today the hills beat me. Until today i had riden every hill but some of the hills today up were extremely steep and contained deep pea gravel which made short sections unridable. I had to push up two hills for 20 or so metres, i was hoping to reach my goal of riding every hill but not so. Many had spills today on some of the more difficult downhill sections but thankfully no one seriously hurt, just minor cuts and bruises. Friar tuck performed the death defying act of landing upside down in the rushes in a creek bed after losing balance on a small bridge and wondered what all the fuss was about. Completed 70 odd kms today on some difficult track.

A big feed of spag bol to recharge the batteries for another 60 km day tomorrow. Most have had enough and just want the next couple of days to finish, three weeks is along time. I'm still enjoying my riding but could do with a few days rest feeling fatigued now. Have crossed the 1000 km mark today. My tyres are looking weary with weep holes all over. Do i change them or see if i can get them through another 2 days?
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Day 20 Photo3