Day 19 Lake Brockman to Dwellingup

Day 19 Photo1Up before sunrise for our dawn service for anzac day. The guys found a sleeping bag that had an australian flag on it and someone else had the last post on an ipod, others made wreaths of what could be found in the bush along with some noodle wrappers for colour and rob and kaye prepared the ceremony so that we could show our respect to the anzacs. Great ceremony and proud to be there.
Fairly long ride and technical in places, some long climbs and some steep climbs but now in very familiar tracks for me into Dwellingup. Pity we had to ride the munda biddi as i know much better tracks that lead to dwellingup and are more fun but had to do the right thing and stick to the marked track.
The front group took a wrong turn and ended up on a mining haulage road for bauxite. Luckily the drillers were doing test bores and helped us on our way and a lunch break. We back tracked a couple of kms and found the sign we missed and were back on track. A nice ride along the murray river and then into nanga mill. A site of an old mill and now a camping ground. Absolutely packed out with holiday makers for the long weekend.
Tackled some massive hills around the logging operations and then came across one of our volunteers whom had set up water fruit and gatorade for us near the bridge crossing on nanga road. Short break to restock and off again. Rumour has it that Charmaine on her touring glider overtook Nath on a 29 during an uphill today! Great to back in dwellingup my home training ground after such an epic journey so far. Still 3 tough days to go and everyone is in survival mode and taking it easy downhill to ensure we can complete the journey. Today we passed the points where i snapped my collerbone and where i split my elbow open so the potential for injury is still high and we need to be careful.
Day 19 Photo3We went to great little cider factory thanks to Nathan. Karen, Greg and Charmaine demonstrated their musical and dancing prowness while the rest had kebabs, rice puffs and sausage rolls along with a nice sample of cider. Later we went to the school of fine wood and viewed some brilliant timber furniture and had a great roast beef dinner. Kevin jumped at a snappy gum coffee table, beautiful piece. I had my eye on a buffet tale but will have to consult. It did cost the same as a new 29 nr so it is a difficult decision. Back in camp at 8.30 pm and to bed after a tiring day with tomorrow potentially the hardest day of the tour.
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