Day 18 Yarri to Lake Brockman

Day 18 photo2Cool this morning to say the least. Up and away early but not before nathan had the job of the day to get to the drop toilet working again with a big stick and a bucket of water. Seemed to be back log and more than one person was heard gagging early this morning. Think the curry last night might have had something to do with it. Happy to say that nath was successful, a better man than me thats for sure.
Nice easy ride today pretty much all single track but typical munda biddi type track, nothing too technical apart from a couple of badly rutted downhills that caught a few off guard otherwise steady inclines which allows you to climb without really noticing. Had another puncture but the tubeless resealed okay just needed to add some more air. Poor tyres are just about shot but should be okay for a couple more days.

Arrived at camp just after 12 for feed of left over curry, coffee and scones from the cafe and the now traditional recovery food of a chocolate milkshake, a few fries, oh and a bar of chocolate. Kaye and terry have decided a swim is in order, people watersking on the dam at the moment. Big caravan park and quite nice. All these places I never knew about to come back and explore.

Day 18 photo1Big feed of tuna casserole and then sit around an open fire something we can't do when using the huts. Jokes, a sing along and a clear sky to take in the stars.
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