Day 17 Collie to Yarri

Freezing this morning as expected collie lived up to its reputation. Didnt want to get up all snug and warm in my sleeping bag but the bladder decided otherwise.

On the homeward trail now and getting close to familiar territory. Short sprint to yarri today but we took it easy and were there in no time at all. The track today was fairly flat, we back tracked from collie on 15 km of the track to coolie before the turn north. A little bit of single track but nothing too challenging. Another 30 km and we were there. Could probably have gone right through to lake brockman today another 40 km but we are here now and the first 6 km tomorrow looks uphill. Tiny campsite but we managed to squeeze all the tents in all sorts of available spaces and everyone seems quite happy. The sun was shining and weather looks like it is going to warm up over the next few days compared to the great riding weather we have had up to now. Nice little camp in the middle of nowhere.

Its 2.30 pm the tent is dry and its already starting to get cold now the sun is behind the trees. I had my sponge bath, no showers here. Looks like a cold one tonight. 5 more sleeps and we are done. 3 more tent pitches. The legs are continually sore now with lactic build up after each ride, my shorts are loose so i think i have lost weight despite eating continuously during and after the rides. The good thing is that noone feels guilty eating anything because it will burn off with the 2000 cals + we use each day for a ride. And most have consumed more wine and beer than they would normally drink, secretly i think its to kill the pain in the legs, oh and the butt. My posterior was a little tender this morning after the rest day. I now understand why the tour de france cyclists ride on their rest day. Resting actually makes you feel worse.

A few intrepid travellers went for hie to the dam a 10 km return trip and managed to get back just before sunset safe and sound. Quite a few took the opportunity for a nap for an hour or so.

The notes at the hut say that regularly gets to minus 2 and that many wild pigs have been spotted in the area and that we should sleep with a knife! I'm sure the smell will keep them away. We have chicken curry for dinner and now a few more bottles of wine and game pigs a game i havent seen for 20+ more years . Karens birthday today and liz bought a princess cake for her to make the occasion.
Time to call it a day, a late one tonight at 9.30 pm.
Day 17 photo3
Day 17 photo1