Day 16 Collie rest day

Slept in until the urge was just too much to resist. I really need that ensuite. Light breakfast and then domestics like washing etc until it was time to visit town and put my bike in the que at crankin cycles. Man did they work hard today. There were many bikes in need of repair. I think the rainy day down south did most of the damage. A dozen new chains bearings regreased adjustments bottom bracket bearings and now hopefully all ready to go again.
Day 16 photo 1I walked over to upload video at the local library whist others went on mining tours and tours of the local church. A nice relaxing day in my tent reading a magazine, mtb of course and then a wander down to pick up my bike. Fiddling as you do and not concentrating on where i was going i ran straight into a curb then crashed ad burned. Luckilly no one as there to see it or it could have been quite embarassing. So after 750 km of screaming down technical declines i finally fell off my bike on a tarmac road by hitting a curb. Bruised my leg and a bit of port on my left arm but thankfully nothing more serious.
Most went out for dinner at a local pub for steak night and had a steak special oh and a few ales.
So the rest day is over and i feel worse. Think i need to get back on my bike and ride. Probably the toughest week still to come. Off to a hut tomorrow so it will probably be a couple of days to the next update.
Cheers for now.