Day 15 lake Wellington to Collie

Today we did something different and packed and started before breakfast. We rode 4 km to Honeymoon Pool and had breakfast on the bbq there. Due to school holidays the camp sites were full but at 815 am the bbqs were still vacant. Some brave hearts from canberra Terry and Kaye (where else would it seem warm) decided that another swim was in order while the rest of us sat around eating breakfast.

The munda biddi from honeymoon pool is somewhat different in that we actually thought we were on walking track, it was very technical to start which pleased me, but glad we were not carrying any panniers as it would be walk only and even then it could be difficult for the first kilometer. It then runs into tachnical switchback and a climb to remember. Good training for the masohcists and I have few in mind that would love it so will have to take this way next time we venture to honeymoon pool, but just when you have reached the top and about to pop a heart valve there is another one just as mean as the first, followed by some sweet single track and yet another mammoth climb. Hard on the legs and we progressed only 12 km for the first hour or so and i wasnt sure i could keep the energy levels up at that rate. But it calmed down and we were soon making good time again with some drafting in the woods.. A couple of locals rode out to meet us and escort us in which was nice. We arrived in collie just after midday and straight to the cafe for milk shakes pies and coffee in that order. My dearest was in waiting at the cafe which was a pleasant surprise.. Spent the next few hours getting tents up and organised and then some serious bike maintenance while my tools were around. New cluster, new chain, new brake pads, front fork service, seat adjustment and general clean. It almost looks like a bike again. It would not have made the rest of the journey how it looked. Unfortunately this didnt leave much time for my wife who had to leave for home just after 5.
Nice touch wth a big electronic billbord welcoming the munda biddi riders to town this afternoon.
So far rain showers and sunshine in Collie as if the weather cant decide what to do. Todays ride was once again very pleasant riding conditions overcast and cool.
Off for another function in Collie and a very nice meal of marron for entree with lasagne or apricot chicken to follow with beers and cider from little creatures and some great chat with the locals. Eric from crankin cycles was there and we had some great bike chat. He says everyone should ride pugsly once in their life. He has almost sold me on the bmc 29 er. I need to visit his shop tomorrow for a nasty sounding rear hub that has seen a little too much sand and Needs a regrease. I wonder what else I might come home with? Rest day tomorrow, the legs are fine but i could do with a sleep in.
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Day 15 photo 2
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