National award for land link pioneers

Gondwana Link achievement honoured

Innovative Great Southern environmental group Gondwana Link has achieved national recognition in the prestigious 2013 Banksia Sustainability Awards.

Gondwana Link chief executive officer Keith Bradby, the winner of the 2005 GSDC Medal, received the award at a ceremony in Melbourne in October.

Mr Bradby said Gondwana Link’s award in the ‘Land and Biodiversity – preserving our ecosystems’ category was given for the organisation’s ‘innovative approach, vision and partnerships formed to achieve substantial biodiversity outcomes’.

Gondwana Link was established in 2002 to reconnect natural habitats across south-western Australia and has built an impressive series of partnerships with land care and conservation groups.

“We put this nomination up on behalf of the 22 or so groups that we work with that have done all the work,” Mr Bradby said.

“It’s overdue recognition for all their effort, a 1000km long collective effort to build resilience back into the ecosystems, both to counter the current issues they’ve got
but also as climate change hits them harder.

“When we started it was just a crazy idea but now it’s well on the way to being completed and it has an increasing number of groups involved.

“Gondwana Link has brought in something like $30 million that wouldn’t have come into the region otherwise.

“It’s a recognised leader and we’re actually assisting and mentoring some emerging programs with similar goals,” Mr Bradby said.

Mr Bradby said the black metal and wood award, nicknamed Spike, had been taken around the Great Southern and other areas covered by Gondwana Link.

“We’re making sure all the groups involved can use the seal from the Banksia Foundation and can use the profile and prestige to get them what they need to keep working,” Mr
Bradby said.

Mr Bradby was awarded the 2005 GSDC Medal and used the $10,000 grant to develop the organisation’s planning processes to include social considerations and improve  collaboration between groups connected to Gondwana Link.

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