In your Garden

Bonsai time!
Seems the first rains have hit us…so it is time to get prepared.

Find your favourite pot; tall and thin if you are into tormenting a tree with wires downwards for that storm blown look, or short and wide for a contented look. Silver Birch or Japanese Maple are great for beginners, and you will be amazed at just how fast your artistic talents will grow!
Start with the seed… being deciduous every winter dormancy makes it easy to rearrange them, trim their roots and extend your talents by perhaps adding a landscape rock (pebble, remember to keep your artwork in scale). You are only limited by your imagination.
If you are lucky enough to know someone with a mature tree you will find the little feathery seeds everywhere…just have to look for them on the ground underneath. No seed? If not at your nursery just go on-line or mail order…you will have your seed in a week…ready for my article next week on how to prepare your seed for easy germination.
When you are looking for the seed, or cheating and looking for tiny plants, pick up some bonsai planting mix (very small bag..that’s the great thing about bonsai)…grab a few bits of gravel from your road (I am sure you will find a gravel road)…and a bit of old flywire.

But remember, these bonsai are OUTDOOR trees, they need twice daily watering in hot weather (and shade in hot, hot weather), and shelter from wind (and dogs).  And best of all, the left over seedlings of birch, you can plant along anorth or west facing wall, to shelter your house from the summer sun while letting in the winter sunshine.  And the Japanese Maples?   Put them in a pot, and place them in shade next to a water feature and out of the hot wind.  They will thrive.  And before you know it, you will be addicted to the beautiful colours of Japanese Maple Leaves just as I am.

Catch you next week!
Dip Art & Design, DAFF horticulture scholarship winner.
Passionate about plants.