In Angela’s Garden this week

I have received my Japanese Maple seed.  All I need to do with these to get going is to trick them into thinking they are going though a cold northern winter.  This “stratification”  can be achieved by soaking the seed for 24 hours, allowing them to drain well, then placing them in a ziplock bag with some very slightly damp  peatmoss, or sphagnum peatmoss  (you need to squeeze out all the water as tightly as possible with your hands after wetting it).  This you place in the non-freezer section of your refrigerator for a couple of months (be patient!).  If you like tulips, now is the time to look for the new season bulbs, and put those in the fridge too (but never near ripening fruit).
Silver Birch do not need this “chilling” treatment.
I have found some seedlings under a Birch tree, and these I am going to put into my Bonsai pot now. Flywire over the big holes in the bottom of my very shallow bonsai pot, in go two of my little trees with bonsai potting mix.  The mix needs to mounded up out of the pot, and this will remind you to water very, very gently.    When my bonsai grows it’s first leaves, I am going to pull them off (gently), then the next flush of leaves will be smaller and in better proportion to my new miniature landscape.
Until next week