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June Topic brought to you by : The Greatest Networking Food Group Ever!

Dairy is the topic for our June conversation and we have a great variety of approaches. Lex Langridge will be telling the story of A1 and A2 milk.
Lex is a biodynamic beef and dairy producer at Bornholm with a Piedmontese stud and an A2 jersey herd.
A frequent misconception in the community, according to Lex, is one that Jersey cows give A2 milk and Holstein cows give A1. Lex explains that approximately 50% of Jerseys give A2 milk and 5% of Holsteins give A2 milk; so the breed is not the key to knowing which one you are consuming.
Karen Langridge is a four generation farmer developing an A2 Jersey herd. From her daily milking Karen makes her own butter, yogurt, cream fresh and soft cheeses. Karen will be taking us through the equipment and process for butter making and very generously giving us tastings of these wonderful products.
Max Stam is a student of Natural Medicine at Paramount College. One of Max’s research interests is in liposomes. This has led him to investigate homogenisation and the process that allows encapsulated milk proteins to bypass the digestive process before absorption. The health implications of this process will be discussed.
Deanna Forster has spent a life time researching and sharing information around quality food. For years she brought this together at Food For Thought, her health food store/café/herb nursery, with workshops and demonstrations. Deanna will be demonstrating ghee making, discussing the health benefits and explaining why lactose intolerant people can tolerate ghee but not butter.
Toni and John Saunders from Ringwould goat dairy will be sharing what they have learnt about the magical life of cheese; explaining how their traditional methods differ from modern methods. They will also be talking about the balance being restored on their Redmond farm through organic/biodynamic farming.

Delicious afternoon tea available for purchase.

COST: Gold Coin Donation

WHERE: Bornholm Community Centre, Lower Denmark Rd, Bornholm

WHEN: June 7th 2014

TIME: 2-5pm

For further info please contact Libby Johnson 9841 6201 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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