Whale Watchers Newsletter No.11

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Whale Watch Newsletter No 11: 31 July 2012
Hi Everyone
I continue to be shocked.  I discovered, while running programmes in other parts of the world, that if we are still and quiet in the wilderness,  wild animals are curious – they will come to check out the new life in their home.
….and I discovered they come close if they hear music.
Whale Pic 1The picture:  ’Sail-A-Way” lying becalmed near Breaksea Island….a Southern Right 50 metres away, eyeing us with suspicion??  On a hunch, I played a few Irish jigs on a recorder…the whale sank out of sight…silence….Have I scared it away??...then over the next few minutes it lay beside us…then another…then another….then another….then another….then another…..all within 30 metres…all lying still on the surface…out of nowhere!...beside our guests.  As long as I played…they stayed.  Then, when my self-imposed half hour curfew was up, I stopped.  They drifted away.  We sailed on, shaking our heads…and smiling.
Earlier in the trip we had the company of three Humpbacks, but they were too skittish to stop for music.
What a beautiful day in Albany’s wilderness!
Cheers, John
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