Whale Watchers Newsletter No.10

Whale Watching Newsletter No 10:  19 July 2012
Hi Everyone
My closing sentence in the last newsletter was “I wonder what happens next?”  ….Well…..the Humpbacks soldier on….always among the water on the Whale World (western) side of King George Sound.  They creep closer to the City of Albany – but still the highest energy animals are out towards Breaksea Island.  Their courting behaviour continues, with tail slapping and aggressive ‘chasey’…being part of the daily activity for the larger whales while the juveniles continue to cruise around in pairs.
One of my guests….a farmer…..was describing how he has had a chance to swim with Humpbacks (illegal in Australia) and he talked a lot about how the water in which the whales were found and which they preferred to stay, as being warm spots in otherwise cold surroundings.  I wonder if that is cause or effect.  I wonder if there is a connection that explains why the Humpbacks preference for Bald Head and Breaksea Island is a response to the Leeuwin current which ,flowing south from the tropics, sweeps around the headlands, sending warm swirls of mixing water into King George Sound.
The wonderful mystery of whale behaviour continues…..Enjoy.

Cheers, John
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