Videos a Noongar pathway to NRM

Media Release from South Coast Natural Resource Management

South Coast NRM has extended its commitment to the Noongar community by producing a series of short career pathway films, which it hopes will inspire Aboriginal youth to consider a profession in natural resource management (NRM).

The eight videos feature informal interviews with a diversity of personalities working in the NRM sector and range from a young man with aspirations to be a botanist, to a young woman embarking on a government traineeship.

The interviewees openly discuss their backgrounds, why they love working in natural resource management, the role models who have had significant impacts on their lives and what career aspirations they have for the future.

Local Noongar educator and consultant Larry Blight, who was one of the project’s interviewees, said the videos will provide a great chance to inspire and encourage the next generation of Noongar youth into working on country.

South Coast NRM Cultural Connections project officer Chris Spurr who managed the project, said using video to encourage and promote environmental employment to young Aboriginals was an exciting development and a first for the region.

“Through my experience, youth respond positively to video, so I’m optimistic these films will provide effective engagement for young local Aboriginals,“ Chris said.

“Many young Noongars have probably never considered, or are even aware a career in natural resource management could exist for them, so for them to view their peers enjoying a successful vocation in the industry will hopefully be encouraging, uplifting and inspiring.

“For effective landscape protection, restoration and rehabilitation, engaging Aboriginal people through practical activities on country could lead to many successful outcomes, as community members are also able to fulfil their cultural responsibilities, meet social and economic needs and transfer knowledge across generations.”

Initially the videos will be distributed to the Noongar and wider community at the rate of one per week through and the South Coast NRM Facebook page. They will also be used for South Coast NRM promotional events and school career forums.

However, South Coast NRM is keen to share the videos and welcomes interest from the wider community to use them as a resource. To view the first video in the series go to:











Video production was undertaken by Earthrise Environmental Services on behalf of South Coast NRM through funding from the Australian Government. For further information, please contact Chris Spurr on 9845 8515.

Pics: Noongar1: Interviewees and City of Albany employees Jared Miniter and Corey Woods;
Noongar2: South Coast NRM project officer Michael Simpson, who after university, hopes to work as a botanist.