City installs best -practice drainage system

Media Statement from City of Albany
Stages 1 and 2 of the City of Albany’s new drainage system at the Hanrahan Road landfill site are well under way, with completion expected next month.
These new works will bring the site in line with internationally recognised best-practice design and will help ensure that leachate (contaminated liquid) doesn’t leave the site and enter surrounding land, waterways and underground water systems.
The 45-year-old Hanrahan Road site was originally a quarry and, as with most WA landfills of this era, was developed at a time when environmental standards were low.
As a result, it does not have a leachate drainage system, which is an essential component of modern best-practice design guidelines.
The City is working to minimise potential leachate movement from the site by building a leachate drainage system that directs surface stormwater away from any contaminated areas of landfill.
A sub-surface drainage system is also being constructed to intercept the underground movement of leachate and direct it into settlement and leachate ponds.
City of Albany CEO Graham Foster said the works were a huge step forward environmentally and praised City staff for keeping the project on track.
“Weather permitting, Stages 1 and 2 should be completed in about four weeks,” Mr Foster said.
“Stage 1 involves installing open and piped drainage to isolate stormwater from contaminated areas.
“Stage 2 is the construction of a settlement pond to catch the stormwater and a new, lined leachate pond.
“Next financial year we’ll start the third and final stage which involves installing the sub-surface drainage, decommissioning the current unlined leachate pond and putting in improved water-monitoring bores so we can see how it’s all working.”
“We’ll also be gathering information for the DEC to help them better understand the movement of leachate through landfill.”